Our Story

Fred and Al are two regular guys from the coast of southern California. Aside from being friends for over 30 years, they have also spent most of their lives enjoying all that California outdoors has to offer. Through their adventures of surfing, skiing, mountain biking and hiking they always seemed to encounter one problem. Participating in all these rigorous activities requires substantial amounts of energy, and just plain water was no longer cutting it. They tried infusing water with fruits and vitamins but the texture and taste were not refreshing or good which was important to both Fred and Al. So, they decided to take it to the next step. Countless travels and hours finally lead them to start
“The Stick Network”
The stick network travels the globe to find exotic super fruits that will help your body stay hydrated and deliver vitamins and minerals to your body in a convenient, single-serve water enhancement that dissolves quickly in any liquid.
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